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Zoe Christopher

Hi everyone, Im new to the forum & gardening! And need some advice on what to plant.

I recently moved into a new house and the garden was dead, completely overgrown (upto my waist!!) But its all been cut down and this is what it revealed.....

I have now put sleepers in to box the turf in and added a pond....

 as you can see Ive placed one or two plants around the pond, but I need alot more, Can you suggest any that arnt too expensive that would take up more space and survive the winter months? 

Also any ideas on what I can do to the ugly breeze block wall?? Its an eyesore!!!

I want to create a little paradise ready for next summer 

Thank you in advance 




if you could manage it you could render that breeze block wall and paint it. If not, just paint.

Zoe Christopher

That is an option, is there nothing I could grow up it?


Hi Zoe, looks like you're doing a fine job!   You could paint the breezeblock wall with a masonry paint - there are a wide range of colours available which would make a nice backdrop for plantings.  I addition, mounting trellis on top could be useful for climbing plants.  I'm no expert on pond plants so will leave that for others.


what sort of soil have you got there Zoe? Is it very ehavy and sticky or was it easy to dig.

and which way does the wall face


Zoe Christopher

My garden is in the sunshine all day, the soil is heavy, there is very little shade from the wall if that answers your question?

The important thing is not to be frightened to experiment. Once you get the gardening bug, there is never enough room for all the plants you want to put in. I have a big slug problem, so anything too tasty ends up in large pots, as the bees and butterflies don't mind where they are. Go to gardens in ALL seasons, look online, walk in older type properties. See what you like and ask questions of the onsite gardeners and staff as to what conditions they like. What about a trellis, or make something with old wood. Train climbers up it, or espalier fruits. Plant a shrub or tree. I could go on and on!!!


Hi Zoe,Why not turn it into a living wall you can buy them on ebay,amazon and so on,


If not,then plant it up with honey succle,clematis ( using varieties that flower at different intervals).They grow quickly also. you can also use evergreen varieties to cover it.


Hi Zoe and welcome 

Any chance of showing the whole of the breeze block wall? Also how sheltered is your garden? With all those walls I would guess you have a little hotspot so could grow some slightly tender things. 

Am not going to suggest any plants for the minute but just suggest that anything you buy check the label or online for spread. If it says indefinite avoid like the plague. For your lovely space there you need plants that are well behaved and clump forming or happy to be trimmed back.

Hiya zoe,

Just to say  a warm welcome to you.  Will offer some suggestions as this thread progresses

Zoe Christopher

 Jus snapped that quickits horrible isnt it, lol im really liking the idea of a trellis and climbin plant, im worried though cause ive heard some can be outrageous!?


Is it quite shady there Zoe? if so Euonymus radicans argenteo-marginata would grow well there and easily kept to size. Self clinging too so no need for support 



Good luck Zoe, love your dog bye the way!

I'm a budding gardener learning by my mistakes. What a fabulous blank canvas to work with. Let your imagination run wild. I am starting to enjoy the fruits of my labour.


Hi Zoe your wall looks about 4 feet high and 6 feet wide a sandard trellis panel would cover the wall,have you got some one who could fix battens to the wall then screw the trellis to that so you can tie in any climbers,sweetpeas for next year look good and you can cut the flowers for indoors to keep them flowering,Watch gardeners world on the television for great ideas,don't be put off trying things as we all get it wrong some times you are never to old to learn.Oldchippy.


Hi old chippy, I've seen your name on the talkback threads but never seen you on the forum before. Welcome. I agree about not being afraid to try. Sometimes we learn more from getting it wrong than from getting it right


Zoe, only just seen this thread and it looks so exciting.

As said before what a fantastic blank canvas. Don't try too hard to get it perfect first time - that's no fun and frankly it's just not gardening (not as I know it anyway).

Buy what you love. Beg from friends - now is a good time as you can see the 'finished product' and most plants are nearly ready to be divided. Even start some seeds from seedswap on the forum.

You can get bamboo or willow canes to cover the wall easily and quickly, which can act as a backdrop for whatever you plant. I've seen outdoor photo canvases on Living Social recently - think they were expensive though but could look great with your own picture outside.

Good luck and enjoy.