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hiya im very green at this gardening i have got a home with a well established garden but i want colour all year round i haveput beeding plants in for the summer but can anyone tell me what plants i need for colour in the winter please

Morning andrew

Hellebores are excellent for late winter colour on evergreen lush leaved plants.  Wallflowers too....albeit for one season only

Mahonias provide scent and colour December - January, Daphne's scent and colour in late winter, viburnums, winter jasmine for walls and fences, winter honeysickle, sarcoccoca, etc

Domt forget foliage .....pittosporums Tom thumb gives wonderful shiny black foliage in winter as does the black "grass" ophiopogon nigrescens.  There are grasses to provide yellow, blue, red colour in winter.  And variegated shrubs like euonymous emerald n gold.  Eucalyptus provides steel blue foliage in winter.  Going into early spring the list opens up as does the colour in autumn


Winter provides another sort of colour too - glistening frost on seedheads, berries, evergreens and grasses.  Now is the time to plan for structural plants that will look glorious when those frosts arive.  For an idea of what I mean, think of all those beautiful Christmas cards of frosted gardens 

Also, we'll soon be choosing bulbs to plant this autumn to give us early colour - some daffs and crocus will flower as early as february.  And then of course there's snowdrops and aconites too.  And hazel catkins (lamb's tails) appear on the branches in midwinter and it's wonderful to watch them develop with every mild spell, bringing the promise of spring with them.

Agree with all above, would also add Clematis Freckles, Virbunum Bodnantse (large, but slow growing shrub) which flowers all through winter with a beautiful scent, Rosemary in mild winters will flower at Christmas, Sarcoccoca Hookeriana (Christmas Box) flowers in early spring with a wonderful scent. The thing to remember is winter flowering plants tend to have small flowers, but quite often a wonderful scent. 

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