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Hi all, I'm really new to gardening so sorry if this is a really basic question. But I have a small garden in Bristol and have just put a little fence at the end of the garden, which needs brightening up. I would love something evergreen with some winter interest, but can only grow out of a container(s) as the fence is built on a concrete patio. Would also like it to grow fairly quickly.

Asking for too much? Any ideas? Thanks so much.

you could try winter honeysuckle or winter clematis they will grow well in a pot over the fence you have and can be easy cut back if needed. just remember if they are in pots to top dress each spring with fresh compost and to feed them well.


How tall is the fence Amos? The wind comes out of the west round here (I'm in the SW too), and it's going to cut down on the amount of rain the container catches. You'll have to keep an eye on it.

I grew ivy very successfully out of a pot on an east facing garage wall, (and I'm not very good at keeping things watered) around a fishy face fountain. It looked lovely but I had to make sure it didn't go mad, and I was a bit concerned about damage to the wall.

This is it: the ivy got more expansive but I don't have an older photo.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Some plants don't like early morning sun, especially when there are frosts around e.g. Camellias.

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