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Anybody grown these in containers in shade? I'm avoiding the usual buzy lizzies cos they succumbed to the horrible mildew thing that's going arund last year and wondered if the new guinea type would be a good alternative. Touted as more sun tolerant, but I'm not sure if that means they actualy prefer it, or will just put up with it if they have to...  Reluctant to just take a flyer on them, due to cost... Bx



I've not grown them myself, but stayed in a holiday cottage in Cornwall the other year where the stone troughs were full of them - I offered to do the watering to give the owner a week off  - they showed no sign of mildew and were blooming freely in sunny spots and against more shady east-facing walls, shaded by stone walls and climbers (very pretty cottage)

I wonder if they'll strike from cuttings as easily as Busy Lizzies do? 

We love our busy lizzies down here in Cornwall. Two things about the new guinea types....they like shade and tolerate sun. Secondly, they seem reluctant to strike from cuttings. I'm not best at this but tried couple of times without any success. Maybe someone has been able to do this..?
flowering rose

They are lovely but I have never got one to survive for very long.


Grew these last year-they are later flowering than the ordinary types-and prefer a higher temperature-other than that- once they get going- much better and you dont need so many to get a good display


Cheers folks - I'll give em a go. I'm not mad keen on them, but needs must and all that! Will perhaps start them indoors and shift out when they're looking ready to bloom... Thanks Bx

I have grown mine for this year from cuttings off last years plants,
Just cut bits off and put in small jars of water.. they root very quickly on the kitchen window sill.
I started to grow Sunpatiens a few years ago due to the same problem. I take a cutting from each colour and root in water like Lyn and have as house plants over winter. They do very well in a shady border making large plants.
Lyn, are these cuttings from the new Guinea hybrids? I did same, viz., in water, but they did nothing.
Yes they are the new guinea impatiens, they don't grow from seed, but cuttings are good. I think I did them about the end of September then kept them in the conservatory once I potted them up.
Lyn, thanks for that. I've got half dozen plants overwintering so will take cuttings this week. Save some money

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