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Hello Gardeners World. New member here just thought I would finally sign up so that I could contribute to the site. I have been lurking in the background for a while, but now stepping forward. Was out tending to my seedlings and thought it would be nice to share with someone.  I am currently growing these in the south of France that has its own load of problems mainly being so dry all the time. Soon I hope to move back to England where I will have a much larger garden to grow in so just testing out that I still know how to grow things as its been a while. Anyways here is a quick photo of my seedlings at about 5 weeks old. No idea where I will plant them as I have a very small garden here and what there is of it is mainly paving slabs. So lots of pots EVERYWHERE!



Hello Nicky..............looks like you have been busy

I moved back to England 2 years ago after 10 years away (mostly France ) and it took me quite a while to get back into the gardening..........both climate wise and the sheer number of new plant varieties available.

My situation is the opposite to yours tho...........from a huge garden to a smaller one

I hope your weather is better than ours at present ( SW England ).  Pouring down here again tho it saves time on the watering


Welcome Nick good luck with the planting

star gaze lily

Hi Nicky, pleased to meet you. 

Looks like you're goung to be very busy!! 

Hello Nicky,welcome to the forum.It looks like you've got your hands full there


Busy Bee2

Hi Nicky!  How lovely to live in France.  We always had a little fantasy about living in France, but I can't see it happening any time soon.  (We have signed up as permanent foster carers for out littlies, and living in England is a bit of must!!)  Still, you sound as if you are looking forward to coming back to England too.  So all good.  Things out there need a lot of watering don't they?  The last two years I have found myself picking up a watering can on holiday (Austria 2012, Dordogne 2013 and helping out with the pots!!)  Sign of a looney or a true gardener that I find myself work to do when on holiday, but I don't like to see a dry pot!!  We are a friendly bunch on here, jump on in and post lots xx

Hiya Nicky.  Good to see you here   Brilliant

Secret Squirrel

Hi Nicky, welcome to the family. We are a friendly bunch and always up for a chat. Looking forward to reading your gardening tales.

Hi Nicky, enjoy your gardening and the forum .

Hi, Nicky, welcome to the forum

Happy growing. Where in the south are you, my brother has a house in Agde and the neighbours grow veg in their need for a GH...toms and cues do really well outdoors...

Scott Edwards

Hi Nicky

Welcome to the forum. Hope your move goes well. Sign of a true gardener - having pots full of seedlings even though your about to move.

WOW thanks for the warm welcome. Zoomer I am growing in Antibes a very pretty little town. When I come back to the UK I plan on growing lots of cutting flowers in a polytunnel for the house Thats the plan anyways its a long way off yet. 


Hi Nicky and welcome 

When you come back to the UK, please could you manage to bring that wonderful climate with you from Antibes? 

Which general area in the UK are you bound for?


Hello Nicky


Hello Nicky. Welcome to the madhouse 


I would love to bring the weather with me, but I fear I would also make a lot of enemies pretty fast, due to all the extra watering needed. I am looking to be within 3 hours to London. South West area I think at the moment. So much has to happen before I can move though (the joy of a slow property market here in France.) I have also been looking at the north of France but I think I would prefer to return to England. 


You could bring us sunny days and we could have our English rain at night - that'd be ok 

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me too.


Hi Nicky, I also lurk in the background a lot too.  I'm sure you'll find the forum very informative and friendly.