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On tuesday i recieved an order of perrenials (hardy geranium, aquaeligus(??), prmiula) from I planted them out on the tuesday without realisings theres a cold spell of weather forecast for this week. Do i need to protect them or will they brave the cold?

I usually pot all my new perennials up and keep them out of the cold at this time of year - can you peg fleece over them?  All your new plants are hardy varieties, but it depends what conditions they have been growing in recently - they might well have been mollycoddled, in which case a frost will be a shock

Chicky - is the purpose of potting on to encourage more growth but be able go protect them easier or are there any other benefits?

At this time of year lots of small plants have only just been put into that pot you get them in so they're not very well established MrsG. They've often been newly divided for example. It lets them get a bit root growth and get settled in if you leave them for a little while. I bought a few Irises recently - they're newly divided so the roots aren't filling the pots yet. If I plant them out just now they'd tend to fall apart, so I'll put them in the shelter of the house or put into the raised beds still in their pots till later in the year. 


Pottie Pam

Wasn't  Monty mixing garden soil with compost when potting plants up? He said that the plants would build strong root systems as the soil would have beneficial fungus. It seems to make sense.


I should have added that if it was plug plants I'd do exactly as chicky says - pot them up. I rarely buy plants that way though. It does depend on your own soil conditions and climate etc. I wouldn't take the risk up here in March  with our cold wet soil! 

Busy Bee2

My husband drinks a lot of mineral water and I save the plastic bottles and cut them in half to make mini-cloches.  Last year I used these to put over some perennials I bought and planted out at the start of April.  This has the added bonus of protecting the plants from attack by snails, birds, footballs etc.  You have to push them into the soil a little way, and if using the bottom of the bottle, make a hole in the top (bottom!)  to allow for ventilation. 

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