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Hello everyone,

I'm expecting some white wallflower seeds & some white sweet rocket seeds through my door this week.

Also got an established white ragged robin plant for an amazing £1.50 in a local market as well as some purple & white Aubriettas for 50p each.

If any body has experience of growing Sweet Rockets & Ragged Robins, any comments would be welcome

if sweet rocket is hesperis then yes- because it is biennial it is best planted in the fall for the following year-here in reno the problem with spring planting is moisture-throw the seed where you want it thin it next spring  and get out of the way


 Yes it is. Thanks for your response.

I'm will give it a go sowing it now but I won't t expect a result til next year, will take on board your comments about moisture


We're growing both ragged robin and sweet rocket for the business.  Both were seeded in trays last year and gradually potted on and both have survived the winter in pots outside and are looking very healthy.  Keep the ragged robin moist as it's a plant that thrives in boggy areas.  It would be useful for you to sow at least a few of the sweet rocket seeds in containers as it's a biennial then you won't make the mistake I did (with asters) of forgetting where I'd sown the seed and pulling up half of them, thinking they were weeds


Hello Botticelli,

Thanks for the useful information, I've sown my sweet rocket seeds today in seed trays under a lid & will pot them on gradually.I don't really plant a lot out straight into the garden as I know like you I might (probably) forget where they are.

Am I right in thinking that when the sweet rocket is established I should plant them out into  their permanent positions in Autumn?




You can plant them out from summer on through to autumn, meiow


Brilliant, thanks, I'm looking forward to them germinating, I love growing stuff from seed

hollie hock

Thought I'd update this as I'm so pleased with them, well worth the wait


I have a mini forest of them, been using them for cut flowers as wellCollected seed off the ragged robin and now have loads of new ones, which are flowering.

Growing from seed is great


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