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New Year's Day 2014 Flower Count

A reason to get out there in the fresh air and count anything that's flowering ....

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21 to 40 of 63 replies

Not a great first day for 2014 Nut but sun has just brightened the sky for a while 


Nut wins by a country mile !  Unless there are other challengers out there???


Well, my list is totally pathetic by comparison, but I am pleased to see them all 

Skimmia Japonica



Violas (loads of these)

Heather - 4 different types


Some white flowers from my Scent and Shake box (identity unknown, see the pic! It's a bit fuzzy but will not be taking another in this weather!) 

Must try harder next year! 



Panda - looks like an iberis to me - don't have any in my garden, but looking at the lists lots of people do.  I am sure someone will confirm or deny.

flowering rose

I have seen marigolds still in  flower and a few early clematis .My primroses are out and the poly s but weather to bad to venture looking down the garden.



Wow, Nut.

I forgot shrubs, have Viburnum Tinus and Mahonia Charity as well.

That is an Iberis, on my list too.


I've only counted Flower, flowers so I win I have millions of other stuff...Lol.

This thread as also cheered me up. Later in the week I'm going to spend some time looking at the Garden Gallery 2013, and look at all the great pics and videos forkers have posted and start planning for next year.


Good idea KEF. Perhaps looking  back at everyone's pix just now would get us thinking of new things to try in our gardens this year and also fire our imagination - new layouts or colour schemes. I tend to have more foliage plants than flowery flowers as structure's important to  me. In Scotland it's vital to have all year round planting as we spend a lot of time looking out the window at our gardens in the pouring rain!  Seeing my phormiums and all the other 'green' shrubs and plants is lovely during this miserable weather. Spring can take a long time in coming here  


Clari, you've just moved house so you will have to count next year.



Thanks Chicky and BL, that certainly looks like my flowers 

star gaze lily

I'm not going out there sorry, its absolutely chucking it down and very windy. Its raining so hard you can't see out there.  


Viburnum bodnantense  Dawn  lots of flowers and scent.

Corkscrew hazel(catkins)

Common hazel (catkins)

erysimum bowles mauve and walbertons fragrant sunshine.

Helleborus niger.

Helleborus shooting star.


hesperis matronalis

ox eye daisy

Lychnis coronaria

Lamium (gold leaves, purple flowers)

Broccoli gone too far.

 Blackberry. in flower. also still raspberries on, but look a bit manky so I'll leave them for the blackbirds.

White argyranthemum.

Cant count the welsh poppy as the petals fell off yesterday and the next bud isn't open.

 I guess Verdun gets the  first cream donut of the year.

Just popped outside and plucked one out bluebell-tiny white flower with 5 petals and grouped in 6 to a stalk. Need to learn to put photo on the web also names of plants. 

Sorry can't help with photos. Well done for going outside. Does it have a scent ? And are you in north of south ,could  be a while guessing but can't get outside anyway! 


Well all just popped out into the very windy and wet weather to do the flower count, I have seen few more bulbs coming up great

Front garden


Kerria yellow pom pom

Pansy lavender shades, yellow, dark pink, purple

Volia delft blue

Back garden

Bacopa white

Heather white

Hebe Lisa

Stock autumn fragrance


Cyclamen pink, white and red

Violas orange duet, avalanche mix, yellow and blue

Fuchsia David Jason

Sweet Williams

Common mallow

Alyssum white



Pale yellow wallflower, blue pansy, yellow jasmine, yellow rose, white bacopa, pale blue lobelia! viburnam and nearbye; pink valerian! It has been pretty warm the last few weeks, so I don't think it is a typical new year's day.


To me the weather we're getting now feels more normal than all that snow and cold. I don't remember much that I was taught in school but warm, wet, westerly winds in winter has stuck.

Along with grass doesn't grow below 43degF.  That's not bad for all those years of education.

My flowering shrub is called choisya ternata. Weather permitting will go out tomorrw and have a proper look to see if anything else is in flower.

Wow, that Choisya is certainly confused - they normally flower in June! Not the first report I've seen of it flowering at this time, though.