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New Year's Day 2014 Flower Count

A reason to get out there in the fresh air and count anything that's flowering ....

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41 to 60 of 63 replies


Choisya is good for an autumn/winter flowering. Mine rarely lets me down


I know it's technically the 2nd, but the weather here yesterday was truly horrid, and didn't stop once.

So I had a gander today and found

2 types of violas



rosemary (covered in flowers)

veronica (speedwell type)

campanula (alpine)

and amazingly a lavender

Not a lot I know, but it has made me smile and lots more is in bud.. I'm ready for spring now.




I think a day late after yesterday's weather is totally acceptable MM,

and it does cheer you up.


Oh Heck

Now, let me see

Violas, various colour ways


Roses: The fairy pink and white, white goose, Malvern Hills




Arabis Ferdinand-Coburg

Skimmia buds  - aways look better than the flowers In think

Hellebore corsicus in bud but not yet opened


Yep Nutcutlet, It definitely cheers you up.

Just popped out and bought some seeds and then cut the large branches off the sickly Laburnam to stop it wobbling around so much in the wind. Hopefully it won't fly through the window now!

Thanks again for your help.



I forgot - Found cyclamen coum nestling in a weedy bed, lovely deep colour as well

Hello all

Done a train garden count today flowers are

Honesty purple


Violas honey bee



Sweet Williams



Hebe Lisa

and a red flower plant shrub with spiky twigs

Highland Jeannie

Was out yesterday so had a look today; I am amazed as to what's in flower, albeit "only just" in some cases!

Winter-flowering jasmine is really giving it laldy at the moment!

Several heathers

Wallflowers (those that haven't blown out of the ground!)

Cyclamen coum

Primula wanda & others


Witch hazel

Viburnum bodantense Dawn

Sedum spectabile - horizontal but still red!

Lamium (the mainly white leaf with purple flowers)

Pansies, various colours

Osteospernum Springstar Magenta- 5 flowers & loads of buds

Scabious, pale lilac, tatty but flowering

Anthemis Tinctoria EC Buxton (the one I forgot to cut down)4 flowers

Sweet William, just a couple of stems

A small creeping ranunculus has 2 tatty almost gone flowers

Clary sage has a couple of purple bracts

Achilleas have a few flower heads left

The Chaenomeles Rubra & Pink Lady are not actually out but the buds are really fat

The cineraria has lots of buds showing yellow but none out

Finally, the wide bowl of autumn crocus of which about 20% flowered in the autumn has 1 plant with a hint of purple thinking about coming through.

A few bulbs here & there are poking through the ground & those in troughs & pots are up a couple of inches or so -it'll be a long time before they're out!!

Not a sign of flowers on my Gautheria, but lots of berries




We've got an amazing collection between us

I have been away until today, but it has inspired me to go and look around my garden, once the rain stops blowing horizontally across it


This post made me look more closely at garden and today I noticed these

 It's a clematis called ------------Bell I think. It's the first year it has flowered so feel very chuffed with it


That's a lovely thing to find Matty

Very beautiful-puts a smile on the face.


Have found out what it's called now -Clem. Cirrohsa 'Wisley Magic'



Shall we resurrect this thread or will someone start a new one.

On second thoughts, best have a new one.


We'd better have one with 2015 in the title or we'll never find it again


I think a new one as well

Shall I start it today so it's ready for the first one?