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Happy New Year to all. The flower count is done. Not brilliant but a lot better than last year

Erodium pelargonifolium, Lamium maculatum, a pink and a golden chrysanth, Eleagnus ebingeii, Pulmonaria rubra, Viburnums fragrans & tinus, Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve', Cyclamen coum, 2 species of sarcococca, sweet rocket, Liriope muscari, Ompholodes verna, Lonicera frangrantissima, Mahonia, probably 'Charity', Choisya ternata, aconites, primroses, daises, red and white dead nettles. 

Frustratingly close; Iris unguicularis, several hellebores, Cornus mas. 

flowering rose

cyclamen,pink rose rambler,pyracantha, mahonia,yellow jasmine, these are are out in my garden,around about there are roses,fushias,even sweet peas!the daffs  are poking through .are all those out in your garden?my it must be mild where you are.


Only Vibernum Bodnantse here. Lots of buds on other things though, but not another flower at the mo, even the Erysimum has stopped! J.

Pennine Petal

Only Viburnum here too, not sure what variety though.

I have bacopa white still in flower, few yellow violas some antirrhinum in my hanging basket and have not looked at all of the garden more just nearer the house, nice and sunny out today so prob a few more plants in flower

Few bulbs starting to show up from the ground.


Hello nutcutlet me again - is it ok to count more flowers tomorrow in the garden as did not go too far outside today.

hollie hock

Happy new year to you all. Did my very first new years day flower count

Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' still going strong, primoses, violas, different types of wall flowers, but the cloth of gold variety really strong and a daisy type thing.





Hi Gardengirl. I think we can stretch the rules that far.

flowering rose, it is mild, we did have a few minor frosts (minus 3C) several weeks ago but otherwise mild, wet and often windy. Bulbs coming up, it will be interesting to see the long term effects of all this rain. This time last year I was concerned about the long term effects of all the dry. We'd had 2 winters without a good soaking. Hard to imagine now

Thanks nutcutlet I will let you know my flower count tomorrow - sure the bulbs are up early or they were just late last year because of the cold last winter


This mild weather has them up early but if we get a cold spell they'll slow down. I've never had aconites on NYD before. On the other hand I usually have the winter iris which isn't out this year. Lack of sun last year would be my guess. I had hellebores on and off all summer but not now. They need another week or two of mild weather yet.


Rose Winchester Cathedral, Molineux, White The Fairy

Erisynum, Erigeron K (can never get 2nd part of variety but little tiny white daisy-like flowers), Not a flower but Carex Bronzita looks great and has had admiring comments especially with the way it blows in the wind, with its colour. Not much else - Viburnum bodnantense -first winter - so not expecting any. Oh and bergenia, 


I know the erigeron you mean Bjay.

Looks like I need to get some roses, I've been pondering on that for ages

Hello nutcutlet

My flower count is done now - I have in my front garden only the yellow Kerria Japonica in flower, the back garden still the Bacopa cabana white the Antirrhinums and yellow violas, also pink and purple Heathers, Hebe white don't know the name of this one and Hebe Lisa pink few bits flowering, yellow cowslip bit and a bit of yellow primrose and in another hanging basket a purple- blue- yellow viola mixed pretty. Not a flower but cornus dogwood looks nice and red in the garden.

So quite a few things in flower first time ever have gone out to flower count.

Thanks for the thread 

Are the flowers still out today in your garden?


Mine are, still very mild and predicted to get milder. Found a couple of white hellebores I missed yesterday, they must have been out then, they're wide open.

Ehh?? flower count......


Big fat ZERO


Thats good nutcutlet more for your flower count

That is a shame Bagz maybe its a bit cold where you live, it is mild here not had much frost


A lot depends on what you grow. I've always liked to be out in the garden any time it's not wet or too cold so I plant to suit. Hence lots of winter flowering stuff. Also there's 2 acres here so I can spread out a bit. If I still had my former garden I wouldn't have room for everything and may well concentrate on summer.

That sounds a lot of work 2 acres, but a lot of space to grow a lot of plants, how big is that in metres?

Do you have different coloured areas in the garden?


 It's not all cultivated, there's meadow, mowed in parts with wild flowers, some woodland. All a bit random as regards colour. After all the years I've been at it I still never remember when what flowers or how tall it is. Or where it is come to that - especially bulbs. It's fairly wild and a bit of a wildlife refuge. 

Oakley Witch
Bagz wrote (see)

Ehh?? flower count......


Big fat ZERO

Snap lol