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I am new to gardening and need some help please.

I have some spring flowering plants, snowdrops, daffodils etc but I need some summer plants.

What I need is something low maintenance that I can just plant and will keep coming back year after year with minimum interference from me and will provide some colour during summer autumn.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks, Dave

If sunny warm spot lavendars, echinaceas, Veronica's, perennial salvias, nepeta, geraniums, rudbekias, heleniums, agastaches, chrysanthemums, asters,....there's a start 


You need to visit the hardy perennials section at the GC  Dave. 

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is full proof they call it Herbstfreude now I think and copes well in a dry sunny position but got mine on damp clay and it still thrives.  Achillea (yarrow) for it's big flat umbels which hoverflies like. 


Thanks for the help guys. I'll take a wander around the local garden center
Now I know what I'm looking for.

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