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Hi, I'm new to gardening but looking to get started. I figured I should first find out what all the plants are in the garden I've inherited. There aren't many, but this one I'm not sure on and can't think what to type into Google to find out. If anyone would be kind enough to help I would be very grateful.





It's a hardy geranium - a real beauty by the looks of it!   Someone else will likely be able to tell you the cultivar.


It looks like the one I've inherited here - no idea what it is but it's in lots of gardens round about! I've lifted and chopped loads of it so if anyone wants any...let me know! 

Definitely hardy geranium, much nicer than the ones I've inherited, lovely


Possibly Geranium Johnson's Blue - it look very much like it although there are other blue varieties. 



That's the one my Dad has, and it's quite invasive, but beautiful.


Your Dad may call it invasive - I just call it a good spreader   He's probably got a tidier garden than me 


What a gorgeous bed of flowers   Lucky you!!

it looks like Geranium magnificum, what a beautiful show!


That's what it is, I kept thinking grandiflorum which I ggogled and found non existent.

Magnificum is the word


welcome to the ID team pandp

gardenning granny

I'm not goosd at remembering names, nut, but is this what I call the common cranesbill (the one everyone has that grows prolifically) - if so it will not flower again this year once it has finished.

My Johnsons Blue is taller than that.


I think that only flowering once is the big let down on this one gg. Though grown hard it does lovely autumn colour.

I think it's a very old garden plant, before all the new introductions

The best one for my book is Rozanne - it flowers all summer until the frost gets it!




That's an excellent one. But I like most of them

sara haywood

Stunning! I have a much smaller one, it always does me proud.

I planted one last year,and it is beautiful.Love the Colour, will be looking to spread it At the back end.


I think I might look into getting one of these,they're beautiful and I do love a plant that doesn't need wrapping in cotton wool  I'm assuming most good GCs stock them


Maybe fishy, it's an old one and I haven't seenit in GCs lately. The one potsand pansies mentioned, Rozanne, has a longer flowering season.

All the hardy geraniums are pretty tough, If you buy them in flower you can see what you're getting.