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Arioch's collection sounds like the one I got off Van Meuwen recently. Only a few weeks back in fact. Mine are potted up at the minute just and appear to be surviviing if not developing, but thats not a concern.

I'm with Dave Morgan here on putting the pots under soil - this worked a treat for me last year and jave most of my left over perrennials in pots again this winter. I also bought a couple of plastic corragated panels to keep the frost off - last year I made a wooden frame and put plastic sheeting on it which did the job but didn't like the weight of rainwater.


Once again, thank you for the replies.

AJK - My collection was purchased from Van Meuwen. The first batch they sent out in the middle of August was of very poor quality, several of the plugs were empty (just compost, no sign of foilage or roots) & the remaining plants were very small & not ready to leave the nursery. They sent replacements at the end of September which were very good quality.

The issue I had was that they didn't send the certain types of the plants they had listed in their catalogue and doubled up others as replacements. The missing ones were the plants I didn't have typically even though you could still buy them on their site. They are sending out another pack next spring though following an email!

Think it best to buy perennials you really want rather than a hotchpotch of the supplier's choice

Yes, you are 100% correct but I thought it was a bargain as I was getting £10 off the order, free delivery code and the top cash back too! Bit of nerve actually complaining!!!!


Hallo everybody, I would love to have another cold frame,but I`ve only got a small corner thats facing north east behind the shed. The frame would have to be an upright shelved type made from glass and timber .The 4`` brick wall at the back though  has sun for 5-6 hours daily,so shoudn`t be to cold. Am I being to hopeful, ? Thanks.

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