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Yesterday, nutcutlet and I went to see a small but exquisite garden on  a modern estate.

When you first enter you are in a small vestibule formed by a Portugese Laurel (Nut will correct all my mistakes on plant names I hope

) There are some wonderful Hostas in this area

 and glowing bamboo

 more hostas

 Then the larger area;

 with a small pond,

 Then even more unusual hostas

 This one has a twisted form to the leaves

 Miniature Hostas! I didn't know there was such a thing.

Rob the gardener here then very kindly gave us cool drinks and showed us the estate allotments (every estate should have this!)


 delicious black beans possibly Italian

 I think this is a homemade polytunnel; brilliant

 artichoke now useful for a flower arrangement

 Canes fastened with plastic bottles

What super pics........can u do me a mural of No. 5 AJ ?  Looks so cool and refreshing whilst I'm baking here.......oh, and pop a couple of those smart fish in too perhaps ?  That way I can just look at the mural and forget the garden

Seriously...........what a gem of a place...........thanks for showing us


It's by appointment only as both the people work freelance. But they really know their stuff and were very patient with my ignorance All the Hostas at the entrance are in pots, which get moved I guess in the Autumn to make way for 60 varieties of Snowdrops!

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