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After buying their rubbish Verve compost last year at B&Q I thought I would take a look to see if they are still selling it. Surprise surprise they are not showing any reviews on their site for compost. Is it any wonder, after gardening for over 50 years this is the worst compost I have ever seen, they should be ashamed for selling it.It was also voted the best compost by Which magazine.

I had 3 bags last year and was very pleased with it. Apparently the formulation differs between the different sized bags. What problems did you find?

The Which? results are based on what seem to be rigorous trials, I usually find them a great help in choosing products.

I had some compost last year from bnq one of the 150l bags and it was ok nearly as good as asdas compost


I'm sorry but I'm really new to gardening but I really think you get what you pay for I only use John Innings and AB's compost but my local GC has a brand call grow wise witch is JI and very good. I have bought the expand and grow this year for my baskets as It was on offer I only buy when compost is on offer.

I must admit I did buy tesco's compost one year and it was rubbish but I would only use it now to bulk up a big pot and mix it with top soil



I usually use Levingtons, but a couple of yrs ago B&Q only had their own Verve brand which I bought.

I found bits of plastic, metal and glass in the 'compost' which appears to be composted household waste.
The drainage was almost non-existent.
I didn't risk it for sowing and tipped it on the flower beds.

I'd never buy Verve again as it is rubbish - literally.




That a good price I pay £3.50 for 20Lt of seed and cutting Compost

This brand on the farm yard Manure was much darker than the AB FYM but we will see how it performs this year as I added one brand to one side on my flower bed and the other brand to the other side of the bed 


I shall be adding perlite to my seed compost



Clueless Gardener, John Innes is a recipe, not a brand.  It could be made by just anybody and is no guarantee of good quality.


Thank you Welshonion I did under stand that

I shall hopefully have my own compost next year But these B&Q, Asda's and Tesco compost in my opinion have to much lumps of twigs and not really of a good quality

I will be sticking to grow wise this year and AB general compost 

I like john innings for it's soil partials and well rotted compost  a really good balance


Iv tryed a few different brands of compost and iv found paying isnt always a guarantee of better compost 


Think I tried Verve a few years ago - have not raced to get more.


I bought J Arthur bowers at Morrisons last year and although was a little more was pretty good.

I always buy verve, £5.98 for 125 litres, and I ask me nanny to come with on Wednesdays so I get an extra 10% off! It's not brilliant, but you wouldn't expect it to be. Haven't had any plant deaths or anything, but I did find a nail, which I wasn't very happy about. Think B&Q must have had a lot of complaints, there was no disputing, they gave me a £20.00 voucher, which I spent on more compost! Obviously itd have been a different story if I had kids or my dog in the garden, but this all happened down my nans. 

I tried Verve in 2012 ( keep a diary) it was of poor quality with plastic, fencing and nails in, last year it was much improved and I bought it because the guy who does the gardening section had recommended it, I bought split bags and could see the compost  ...employee's get a discount...and he had tested it by growing veg and stuff at home.

I've tried other composts., Alid was good but 2012/2013 seems to have been a bad yr for cheaper composts. I also bought Murphy's compost last year which was good but this year when checking the peat content, It's 1 to 39%, I'm sure it was higher last yr.  


got  8 bags last year for the daughters new garden , no problems  cheap and  mixed with my own compost gave the fallow garden the lift it needed 



You only get what you pay for.




Funny that Which? rated Verve highly, and yet loads here have had problems with it.  I must admit i don't trust their reviews anymore - had bad experiences with a washer and a vacuum recommended by them too


I used a bag of Jacks Magic yesterday to fill some pots with primulas and I must say the texture was amazing.

I'm pretty sure these plants are going to grow away strongly.


I found that the first 3 bags of Verve weren't good ( bought all at the same time) no nails but some lumps. When I bought some more, cost based, for tipping on garden that lot was much bettter.

Had it not been for people finding objects in the compost I would have wondered if it was anything to do with buying old stock, as I did buy early and the bags were faded.

I've just bought a bag of Jack's Magic to repot some shrubs, am really impressed with it. Dark, crumbly.... Everything I've thought compost should always be... Then I looked at the peat content (I never pay attention to things like that) and it's really high! Is that bad? Is using peat-based compost a no-no? Have I committed a gardening faux-pas?

I had a number of bags of Verve multi purpose last year and they were perfectly OK.

I bought some bags of Homebase multi purpose to put bulbs in pots into and it looks more like the output of a garden shredder!  Big lumps, long stringy stuff etc.  I won't buy it again in a hurry.