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White star like flowers,in bud form very similar to magnolia shape,very profuse and vigorous growth.



might be clematis recta but a bit lacking in info and a blurred pic. But we're clever here, someone will recognise it if I'm wrong.

Is a shrub, herbaceous plant, or what


thought we might have a second opinion by now lordkent. Have you got a clearer pic?

Will try again, probably best if I get someone used to taking pics with a phone,at 87 not technically minded with these new gadgets ! !


good idea 

You are ahead of me in technology if you have a phone that takes photos. Mine only does phone calls.



Can you show us leaves too please lordkent?


lordkent,  your mystery plant has the flowering habit of gypsophila, but somehow it doesn't quite look like that. I love it !

How big are those blooms?

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