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I sent away for 3 alstroemeria plants from T*M, a bargain £5.99 instead of £27.99.  should have known better. They came - 2 of them are smaller than a golf ball, the third one had a matchstick size bit of green growing out of the pot! Why did I not realise  there was a drawback??? Why am I always far too optimistic? I don't even particularly like alstroemeria!!!!!


Well, with the amount of TLC you're going to have to lavish on them, you might learn to love them 

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is 

Oh yes,  always a bargain to be had.  But, not from T & M.  

Alstromerias always best bought as named plants....those tiny roots are very hit n miss.


One lives and learns (again and again and again!). Goodness knows what I was thinking about when I ordered them!

Did it not say what size pot they came in or whether they were plug plants?

I got some lavender from T&M in May and 3 of the 5 have died already. It's not like I'm a novice gardener either, so I'm not sure why. They started shooting nicely and then just died off. Very disappointing.



I think I got my Alstroemera Rhubarb and Custard from my lovely local Moat Road Nursery. I keep it in the g/h for at least 7 months of the year in a pot I only paid 3 or 4 £ for it and it has kept me going with cut flowers most of last winter; it had a short holiday in the spring and has been flowering again since the beginning of June.

A very useful plant if, like me, you like cut flowers that last about 9 days in the vase.


It did say they were in 7cm pots - if I had read it all thoroughly I would have realised they were that small but surely they wouldn't be selling them for real at a tenner each in a 7cm pot?????

gardenning granny

the best bargains are those that you can see and check over first - I am a regular at the chukky-out bin of our local GC and am amazed at what I find - often really good plants, but the next lot have just come in so last weeks gets relegated and discounted.

I read through these posts with interest because I ordered the 48 free T&M lavender plants. The postage was £5.95 but I thought that's not bad for 48 plants even if most don't survive. They arrived last week but I only had time to pot them up today. I kept them well watered and they all seem to be bright bushy little plugs- watch this space! Only problem the variety names label was stuck on the bottom under the plugs so needless to say I didn't see that until I'd taken them all out so don't know what they are. So waiting to see if it was a bargain or not.

Bubba Ray

I'm with you granny. Visited the local GC at the weekend and got some great "whoopsy" plants.

My favourite nursery dos'nt have a discount bit, but they are so reasonably priced they don't need one, 60p for 9cm pots and I hav'nt had any failures from them yet.

hi this is my 1st post,  im totally with gardening granny its not very often I leave a gc without what I call a rescue plant or 2 I love the challenge of bringing them back to life and my garden is full of beautiful plants.

There is such a thing as a bargain, buying reduced plants at B and Q is a bargain. I brought some dying tomato plants and now they are flourishing!

Hmm glad I'm not the only person who fell for the T & M offers, I ordered the 48 perennials for the ??5.95 postage back in March, told my friend we had some little plugs coming to share and waited, and waited, and waited. Slightly impatient at the end of April I emailed them and got no reply until my third email then miraculously the day before GW live I had an email.

They finally arrived yesterday I've never seen plugs so small and I'll be lucky to get 3 good plants.

GC throw always for me from now on definitely.

I must have been very lucky with the lavender so far, but time will tell. Got some dead looking blackcurrant bushes from the factory shop a few weeks ago for 25p each, they look brilliant now!



julie williams, welcome Hope you enjoy the forum.

gardenning granny

....oh good - it's Tuesday, double points day at Wyevale - now what's my excuse for wandering up there I wonder?

got a tiny space in one of the pots where the saved-seed pansies from last winter have just finished....

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