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Hello again folks,

Three years ago at the end of the season I bought some small, cheap Geranium pratense plants for my wildlife garden. I planted them out a year later when we moved to our new home in 2011/12. The soil is neutral and fairly loamy but a bit sandy in places. We have not done any soil improvement as most plants are wild flower types and in most parts of the garden the soil is already good. Last year it really took off, with lots of lovely foliage, and again this year. Neither time has it flowered. I am flummoxed! We have it on both sides of the garden. Roughly N facing garden yet now much sunnier all over after we removed a huge conifer. Any ideas why we have not seen a single flower?! 



and no buds either or you wouldn't be asking. But mine aren't all out yet, none in the meadow and just one or two in the gravel on the drive, I'm surprised, won't be lack of feeding, or water over the last 2 years.

No. No idea

Hum, thanks nutcutlet. II have never even seen buds on it. I hope you enjoy yours when they're out!

I think it may be just concentrating on growing.  You said you removed a huge conifer so your geranium prob would just have made growth in that relative shade.  This year, well, it's still early ish.  I wouldn't feed or water, don't Molly coddle it.  Bet it flowers soon

Thanks Verdun. Well, the best plant is actually in a lot of sun and has not been affected by the tree (two borders, only one was shaded). I do not feed anything or water except containers and very new plants, as I prefer to feed the soil but haven't had to do that yet, apart from applying a mulch to help retain moisture. Fingers crossed!


Anyone else had this experience? I love th foliage but want the flowers for the pollinators 

It finally flowered its socks off this year!  The bees were happy.

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