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I have a geranium which used to flower well, but I don't think has flowered for a couple of years. I don't know what geranium it is but used to have blue flowers.  until last year it had got quite smothered by I think vinca,but I have cleared around it and it has looked healthy this summer, but not one flower. Anything I can do please?

Not been eaten by rabbits?  

Is soll wet or dry? In sun or shade?

Geraniums are usually reliable flowerers....well for me anyway.

if its growing well perhaps a tomato feed for a week or two but I have a feeling critters have been busy eating there

Never seen any rabbits around the garden Verdun And all leaves look pretty intact ,so will try the feed thank you . They had been in partial shade, but cut back a lot of branches end of last summer and now in sun for quite a lot of day. 

The variety would help.. Some like shade and some the sun.  I often move geraniums around the garden and it's surprising what a difference it can make.   Yes, try the feed

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