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Hi all - I've got a problem with my lupin plants.  For three years now I've just been getting the leaves with no flowers at all.  Can anyone help?  What's going on?

I would guess its snails.....or slugs.  Are the leaves being eaten at the moment?  Lupins flower quite easily and readily.  I would check next spring for these critters

Hi Verdun - miraculously no slug/snail damage visible.  Could they only attack roots? Other flowers/shrubs nearby are all OK - it's only the Lupins?  x

No sign of,flowers coming low down?  One or two here are just appearing whilst most of mime are in full flower or,going over.  Maybe bit of patience then?

hollie hock

Hello, don't know what the problem could be. How strange

Where are they situated? I have a few lupins dotted around the place and apart from the immature plants, grown from seed last year,  they have all flowered. I would certainly expect flowers after 3 years. I'm assuming the plants/leaves are mature and fairly large.

The only thing I can think of that would attack the roots are vine weavels but they tend to kill or weaken the plant and I didn't think Lupins are prone to this.



Hi Hollie hock & Verdun - the plants are three years old but quite small leaves - approx. the size of a fag packet.  Never had flowers from them.  Do you think I've got a 'blind' plant, i.e. like you can get 'blind' daffodil bulbs that send up leaves but no flower? x

hollie hock

Hi again, sorry I don't know, after 3 years I'd be tempted to give up on them given the size of the leaves. Not ever heard of a blind lupin, but maybe it's possiblity

My Lupins seem to best in partial shady spot, where are yours?

hello, that's really odd, have never heard of that before. all my lupins were small when bought two years ago and virtually flowered the same year.

how tall are they now and have you looked into the centre of the plant to see if there are any flower stalks at all ??

if it was me, i'd be having a good rummage around the plant if all the others around it are doing ok.

hope this helps


Having same problem with my Lupins ,2 In the same bed one large tall blooms a complete joy ,the other near by loads of healthy leaves but no blooms , so a bit of a mystery . Both 2-3 years old any ideas ??

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