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20/07/2013 at 13:25

We have had a trachelospurnum in a pot on a south facing patio for two years.  We water it, feed it with tomato feed.  It is amazingly healthy looking and has grown from its trellis onto the pergola, but no flowers, or sign of flowers.  It is mid to late July.  Any suggestions.

22/07/2013 at 12:33

Jimncogs - I had 2.  First one was in a pot which I bought when it was actually in bloom.  It died over last winter -leaves turned brown and crispy and I obviously didn't care for it correctly.  It was a sad loss. 

My second one I've had for 4 years planted out in the garden - south-facing, nice spot which gets morning to late afternoon sun.  Every year it throws out new glossy leaves, then a few have red tips and it always looks as if 'this year' it might produce flowers - but it never has.  Around July/August it always looks promising and then absolutely nothing happens.  I've never figured out what to do with it to get it to produce flowers.

I think in fact that I posted on here about it a few times over the years and here I am back again.   I'm considering digging it up and putting something else in it's place but the leaves always look so nice and healthy that I can't bring myself to do it - yet!

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2 messages