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Hi everyone

I thought I would share with you an offer that, to me, sounds good.  I have been checking out a site called "wowcher", which Is a site that offer's voucher's, for money-off coupons for hundreds of things.  I came across this offer, and sounds a bargain to me (not that I am an expert on plants), but compared to what I have just paid for plants, this seems good.  I will say though, I have no experience on the "wowcher" site, but have heard several positive comments about it. Thought I would share anyway

How much is the postage??

I have had experience of Groupon, offer looks brilliant until you factor in £5+ in postage & packing.


The post and packaging is £4.99 for the plants and the fruit tree's muddy paws, I know what you mean about the postage. 


I was on a site recently and nearly bought a tiny plant for £4.99; the postage was £13!!!



OMG artjak, that is terrible, they should not be allowed to do that because it's deceiving people.

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