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Beaus Mum

Had this beauty blooming my side of the fence this afternoon from my neighbours garden, very nice

That's what I call a freebie

Has  anyone else had a treat from their neighbours



That is beautiful BM. 

Yes, why DO plants invariably flower the wrong way round? I have found it to be true in every garden I have had. You plant them in a north facing wall and they put their heads over the top to face south, fair enough. But they do it the perverse way too.

I have several large-flowered clematisses (?) which are all growing through a piece of hurdling fence and facing a dark, windy tunnel of a path. What is that all about?

But yes, my neighbour is currently unaware that 90% of her Clematis Polish Spirit is cavorting around on my side of the fence.

I don't have nice neighbours, a leyllandii hedge and an ugly fence, so I'm making it my mission to to be the envy of both. It's the best revenge I think. beautiful rose Beausmum.

Beaus Mum

So true pansyface 

Can we see your neighbours polish spirit, beautiful name so guessing beautiful flower 

Awww sorry bout that Dave  But don't be too sad, just see the gigantic shed the same neighbours have the other end of the garden  Its on my HUGE shed thread  The replies and advice I received from all the lovelies on the forum may help you in your revenge




Thats beautiful, all I get is weed seeds blowing in from the field.


Polish Spirit's a beauty BM. Lovely rich purple 

Swings and roundabouts with the clematis pansyface!  

I'm hoping the old lady across the road now has a nicer view than the one she's had  for a long time - a stretch of grass with a weeping cherry that was doing more weeping than growing, due to kids swinging on it, and an ugly 'orange' bit of fence. She'll be able to see quite a bit of my back garden from her front window as the house is elevated. It makes me glad because her late husband was a very keen gardener. 



Sorry for the delay. Had to find camera, download onto tetchy laptop, etc etc, Oh the joys of modern life. So here we are - Polish Spirit. The south facing flowers are full out and the west facing ones are in bud. No idea what neighbour's north and east facing ones are doing


Beaus Mum

Oh I bet she loves it fairy girl and she is a lucky lady to have you as a neighbour 


Just in case anyone is thinking that I put the trellis there to encourage my neighbour's clematis onto my side, you are wrong. I put it there to encourage a climbing rose to go up it but the climbing rose is so far only knee high.

Beaus Mum

Oh wow pansy face just as you and fairy girl described  Oh I wish my neighbour had one of those! And frames your rose beautifully 


Beaus Mum

As if we would think such a thing 


That's lovely

Nothing really spectacular from next door but a very pretty lavatera has decided to like my side.  Thought it was mine, but remembered I hadn't seen mine for last few years.


pansyface - we believe you - thousands wouldn't...

Plants are funny , as you say. I bet if you were growing some climbers you didn't really care for next to that path, the b*****s would only grow into your garden! 


Ive got a very nice purple clematis growing over from my neighbours side (not in flower at the moment.  Somehow some of it got buried in the soil on my side of the garden.  Wonder what will happen.



Was that 'accidental' Yvie....

They  layer quite successfully  I think, so hopefully you will get a nice new plant out of it 

Beaus Mum

Maybe a reincarnation KEF? 

Too true fairy girl, didn't know fairies knew such words? 

Yviesteve you are such a naughty girl  Good thinking though 

 Flora rosa

No ! All I get are weeds -constant battle, and ivy - constant cutting back ! But they get my honeysuckle, clematis and jasmine - flowering beautifully on their side ha. Why can everyone not love and want to have nice gardens boo 

Beaus Mum

Sounds like you have very lucky neighbours flora rosa 

Our neighbours ornamental quince has suckered through to our side and I couldn't be happier.  It has beautiful red/pink flowers and will help hide away another hideous fence panel.  Result!