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I found some old seeds in the garage the other day, so i planted them.

I now have some 13 year old dyanthus and 12 year old marigolds coming up! 

Has anyone got older seeds which they have managed to grow!!??

Gardening Grandma

That's encouraging since I few a few packs of old seeds. Did you plant them more densely than new seeds, on the theory that fewer would germinate, or did you treat them as nnormal?

I have just planted some old seeds about 8 years old (cosmos) 3 have come up.



I can now happily report that i have some Gardeners delight growing from 1988!!

25 years must be a record!!

i did just bung a load in all at once, as i had nothing to lose.


Il have to get in touch with The Kew seed bank, im sure i can save them a lot of moeny by just storing stuff in my mums garage!


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