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I have some onion sets which seem to be performing well. I have also grown some onions from seed. They are now about the size of small spring onions.

I need to know what to do with the seedlings next. I can't plant them as I do the sets so how should I plant them so that the final grown onion bulbs are about half way into the ground at the time I want to harvest them. I have grown them in pots and now need to transplant them? Any advice appreciated. 



Hi Barney, just plant them out so that the soil is at the same level as it is now in the pots.  They will sort themselves out.


I love how quickly Onion grow from seed - am always shocked that a tiny seed can grow into a large onion in months. You tranfer the onions into the ground with most of the bulb showing. Take care not to disturb the roots, so dig a hole and plant with all the soil. Sunny a spot as possible and keep watering. Easy.


Thank you so much appreciated

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