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Ive been spending the evening browsing the usual well known seed suppliers (Thompson Morgan, Fothergills etc) in preperation for placing orders for this years flower seeds.

But do any of you have a favourite online seed supplier that you would recommend? I'd rather support one of the smaller companies if possible.


I use Marshalls, Dobies of Devon and fothergills...never had a problem yet - been using them all for years. Also use wilkos, B&Q and local garden centres.


Nuts n cones, excellent service,top quality seeds, nice people.
Find them on line.

a new seed source Jazzy2, thank you, 

If you want basic flower or vegetable seeds, and if they are near you try Lidl or Wilkinson, they are very cheap unlike others, two quid for basics.

As for T&M always had trouble germinating any off their exotics or Hellebore seeds!

I always buy my sweet peas from Kings seeds as I too like to support local producers.

Many thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look at them all and get some orders placed. 

I too have had a good success rate with Lidl seeds. Limited selection though so I also use Bees seeds. I don't think it's worth paying the extra for T&M.
Oakley Witch

I have used Nickys Nursary quite abit this year as well as suttons and Thompsons.

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