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I grow loads of blue perennials and shrubs but I want more orange flowers. Ideas please. I have echinacea tiki torch, marmalade and summer sun, have orange dahlias, crocosmia and couple of annuals.

Geums, varieties of heleniums, roses, wallflowers, some forms of achillea,  alstroemaria, hemerocallis, kniphofia, euphorbia................

Pennine Petal
I recently bought a beautiful scented orange flowered azalea, to go with the yellow one I already have. My small garden will be full of scent in May when they are out. Orange Welsh poppies will flower through the late spring and summer. You could also go for some annuals as California poppies, pot marigolds (saw some beautiful marigolds at Harlow Carr yesterday).

I too love orange flowers, mixed with blue, cream and white. Nasturtiums are very useful and they self seed. I especially like the ones with variagated leaves and coral/orange flowers. Then there are tulips and I believe there is an orange form of Campsis (I have the yellow one; a strong creamy custard colour; not at all insipid). Also Cheonomeles (?) and an almost luminous Berberis; 'Orange King'. 'Apricot Twist' is a great wallflower, B&Q often have it in the spring.Would be very interested to hear about your blue flowers; all the ones I get from nurseries end up being purple; especially Aubretia.

Artjak, I am not too Interested in annuals really. I grow some but perennials are what I prefer. Blue? Salvia patens, Anchusa, gentians, geraniums, caryopteris , ceratostigma, Teuchrium, delphiniums, lupins, taller salvias like guaranitica. All are true blue. Felicias and a penstemon called Eileen grenfell too. Mind you purple is good in osteospermums, which are fairly hardy with me. I really want long flowering. Well behaved true orange perennials to go with these and geums and obelixx suggests.....are possibilities


flowering rose

how about orange marigolds on mass,thats pretty.

Thanks flowering rose, I did that. Next to variegated caryopteris, carex buchanii, grey artemisia and in front of prunus cistena. Looks ok but marigolds look like annuals?? Too fussy am I?
What about heleniums. Never grown them. Are they long flowering. And easy?

I love orange flowers and when I saw this Coreopsis 'mango punch' in the garden centre, I just had to have it. It's so unusual it almost looks like the flowers are in a meadow situation and insects love it too!



Buddleia globosa; crocosmia; Chilean Glory vine - climber;  Hope you win the lottery to get a bigger garden to put all the plant suggections in and be able to afford them too! Though the glory vine will grow from seed easily.


Also, don't forget those lovely orange Winter pansies which have a lovely scent. Planted in a pot on the garden table can cheer up a dull Winter.

Gracie5 I wil grow that coreopsis next year. Thanks. Echinacea tiki torch and salvia and dark blue...have been flowering for weeks now and look fantastic

Many thanks for list of blue flowers; I shall enjoy tracking them down. Looking at the Campsis just now that I mentioned previously, I think one could call it pale orange. I planted a Clematis called Orange Peel earlier this year but it has not flowered yet, though photos on line look promising.

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