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Several months ago I planted some orange pips in a 9 inch pot and it is now 9 inches tall

? How do I proceed

? Can it go oputside

?Any other advice


It will give you a nice glossy leaved houseplant that you can plant outside for the summer. It can go in citrus compost in a pot.  Don't expect to get flowers or oranges unless you have a huge conservatory. The citrus plants you buy with fruit on are grafted.


Many thanks....Can I eventually plant it out and it will give me oranges or is that not possible in Sunny Bristol ?

I can place it in my allotment poly tunnel and let others enjoy it as well




It will need a frost free place for the winter, with good light levels.   That is why we grow apples outside in this country and not citrus

 I don't think anyone has a good enough microclimate in the country to grow oranges outside.    I think they are brilliant  for a frost free conservatory. They don't need a lot of heat in winter. 5 C should be ok.

If you can get a lemon tree, the smell of the blossom is gorgeous. 

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