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I started growing o orchids when my son bought me one for mothers day. Now i have 7 phalenopsis and although i did not know how to look after them through trial and error i now have three still in flower and the others with new spikes and going mad growing new roots and new leaves. I just dunk them in rain water every 7 days and give them a weak feed three times out of four. I am now thrilled with the way they are responding. 

I was given this Phalaenopsis at the end of August last year. It had one lot of 22 flowers on it which lasted until about May this year, and the second lot of flowers (20) are now in full bloom. I didn't cut any of the shoots between each flowering - the second lot of flowers just appeared on the same stems, so perhaps as in previous comments these plants do flower twice. Certainly worth thee £14.99 that the plant cost, better value than a few bunches of flowers.

gardenning granny

Alam Titchmarsh has an excellent "how to get it to flower again" video on GW website.

My two spider orchids are now throwing up new stems

and my wonderful son, by doing nothing whatsoever, seems to have brought my Christmas amaryllis into flower again.  I had tucked it away to rest!

The video wouldnt play for me. I have over2 0 mostly Phalaenopsis,some are years old, they get rainwater, I used to soak them, we live quite near McBeans, they told us they shouldnt be in see-thru pots, I always thought they had to be, so now, I stick them on the draining board, pour (rainwater) through drains out straight away, proper orchid feed, weekly if flowering, in flower they are in my lounge, (out of direct sun) then they go into conservatory north facing, sun a lot of the year, but they are out of it.On a gravel tray for humidity, remove old flower spikes.  If they refuse to flower (occassionaly happened in our last house) they get put into spare room, in shade and no heat for a few weeks, and bingo.£14.99! My recent ones were about a fiver in Tescos!

20!!! My goodness Nanny Beach you are treating them well, and even with my one Orchid, it makes a statement as you walk into the room, they are gorgeous. We don't have Tescos here and everything costs more to buy (they say due to freight costs), but we are a captive audience so to speak. So if my Orchid misbehaves I have to put it in the naughty room, with no heating and shady to make it produce more flowers - I have taken note of your comments thanks.


Yup, that works well, they come out of a sulk, and are all happy, I forgot where you live, you will have to treat yourself to visit the UK stock up on orchids!  More than 20!!

I would love to but my travelling days are over nanny Beach - however I will cherish my precious orchid and hope that it may last a few more years yet. We do have wild ones growing around the island in special conservation areas, they are a marvel to see - I would love one or two in our field but the farmer uses the dreaded sprays to eradicate "weeds" grrrrrr.

Ah, bless do you live in one of those Don key sactuaries then!!!

No, but my husband reckons that I am a stubborn as one!! Between Guernsey & Jersey we have a friendly rivalry - they are known as toads and we are the donkeys! 

I have to admit I thought you were a bloke (duuno why!) mind you, you could be a bloke married to a bloke these days I guess!!!  Deep joy, after 4 years, some of my field poppies have germinated, a couple of little heads only about 4 inches of stem, but hey ho!

Tom boy maybe - hope you are not disappointed Nanny B!  What an achievement after four years of waiting - "those who wait will be rewarded" or something similar - well done.

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