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The many heavy wintry showers today had me retreating into the subtropical house at the Bristol University botanic Garden to dry off, and these orchids had me oohing and aahing and whipping out my camera.  

And the smell was lovely.

Incredible and beautiful. Pity we don't have smellavision!

never grown orchids but would love too

Wow! Your posts are always a delight but these are gorgeous. No wonder you're Happy, Marion!


True, but i had a cold today and had to miss my day at the Botanic Garden.  I'll share some more of their collection with you.




I only have 3 Phalaenopsis but I would love to have more as the flowers once they arrive last for at least 2 months. They aren't really too difficult to keep healthy. Mine are sitting on an east facing window ledge in my kitchen and when the roots begin to look pale I put them to soak in a large bowl of aired rain water, with a little orchid feed added, for about 30 minutes. I then allow them to drain any excess water onto the draining board. The roots gradually turn back to a green colour.

 You can get them quite cheaply if you don't mind buying them out of flower and waiting to see what colour they turn out to be.


I agree, homebird, moth orchids are lovely.

I love my    phalanopsis, especially one, which a very best friend gave me before she died. when it flowers i think especilly of her.

Emma Crawforth

Hello orchid fans,

I managed to pop into the Tropical Extravaganza 2012 at Kew and it was spectacular. This year they've used a lot of epiphytic vandas, which look very strange hanging around with their long roots and almost two-dimensional upper parts. There are still lots of moth orchids though, for all those who love them, as well as some bizarre-looking anthuriums, which have actually been dyed blue. I think they look great, but I bet there will be plenty of purists who disapprove!

Emma team

I think that orchids are one of those that are really fancied by a lot of people but not a lot are able to grow them with their full blooming potential.  I have a few orchids on my garden and I just like that they are able to keep up with the type of weather we are on, now.

I just love them and I hope that I will be able to post some of the pictures soon.

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