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I bought three oriental lily bulbs at this years Hampton Court flower show back in July and planted them in a large pot before the end of the month. I now have a spectacular display in my conservatory, see pic. Im just wondering what I should do with the pot and contents when the blooms die back. I have a cold greenhouse available.




Dead head the blooms when faded-pop the plant in the greenhouse.let it die back naturally until the stems are brown, feed and with good fortune-they will bloom year after year



Peter they look lovely, do they have a good scent? do you know the variety?


Thanks Kate.

Thier called Ice Clear and I bought them from H W Hyde and son they have a very good website where you can order online see below. The scent is intense and will fill the house when the conservatory door is open.

Regards. Peter



Peter thanks for that info.

PS I agree with sotongeoffs winter care instructions.




Thanks both for your advice.

Just ordered three bulbs of Neapolitano oriental from Hyde seen them at Hampton court but they had sold out spectacular and such a scent. Hope I get the same sucsess as Ice Clear.

Thanks again.Peter




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