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I posted before about ornamental  grasses but not too many responses then.  Some new guys now so does anyone share my passion for ornamental grasses?  I grow several of them ....many begun to flower  or soon to flower and, for me, it changes the whole garden.  Deschampsias, Calamagrostis, early pennisetums now showing their plumage and miscanthus varieties to come.  stipas now and until Autumn.  Hordeum jubatum floweriing g in a kaleidoscope of subtle colours.  Movement not provided by anything else.  Supporters or not?


do you have stip barbata verdun i love the way the floer spikes curl 

Hello little ann

Yes  grow it in very dry part of the garden but prefer Tennuissima. More cloud like flowers I think.  Seeds a bit for you ?  

Meant to add Bowles golden grass too.  All yellow from basal stems to flower tips.  Wonderful affecf


We had in our last garden - a lovely plant, gorgeous bronze and reddish shades, beautiful curling ends to the leaves - self-seeded like mad but easy to weed out. 

Am considering Stipa gigantea for the new bed in the front garden - I'm thinking that if it's tall enough it would look beautiful outside our west facing sitting room window,with the setting sun shining through it 


Hi Verdun, I've got a huge Stipa gigantea at the back of my garden and its gorgeous when the sun sets behind it.  Have Stipa tenuissima dotted around but my favourite by a mile is Hordeum jubatum, love love love it, it moves so well and is pretty when it flowers.  I save the seeds and replant it regularly.


Hello, I have an enormous amount of bronze self seeds everywhere so I pick it out of cracks in my paving and pot it up until it's bigger. I love it. I am hoping to get some 'Karl Foerster' grass. Actually I have a question; I would like to grow it as a screen and would like to know how much it would spread in its width?


Hiya dove.  Buchanii is lovely....I pull out the seed stalks, easy to do.

Everyones got it gigantea so sun sets behind it.   It does t have to go at the back of the border....middle is better I think as its a sort of "transparent" grass....vkz., thin long stems that enable plants behind to be seen. 

Reb, Karl Foerster is relatively narrow and erect.  My clumps are 3 or 4 feet across....I split every 4 years or a height of 6 to 8 feet.  Overdam is a variegated form with same flowers slightly less vigorous.  Yes, it would make a good screen spaced 2 or 3 feet apart.  Miscanthus variegatus and zebrinus too.  Calamagrostis flower now; miscanthus in August

Paula, glad you like hordeum jupartum.....I enjoy it for those same reasons.

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