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Hi gang

My Osmanthus ?burkwoodii is going downhill, literally. It was at the top of a slope and has been sliding down for some time. This last winter more erosion  occurred and the shrub is now almost horizontal along the slope. Can I pin this down as a layering? The stem I would like to use is between 3/4" and 1" thick. My fear is of rotting, I know not everything likes that sort of treatment



I shall do this tomorrow unless someone thinks it will be fatal


..I'm sorry you've not had a reply so far.... according to the late and much esteemed writer Graham Stuart Thomas, Osmanthus burkwoodii can be propagated either by cuttings, or layering.... he gives a good description of the technique although I assume you will already have a knowledge of this... there.... get layering...


Thanks Salino. I'll do it

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