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I grow Osteospermums every year from plants bought from various nurseries etc.

This is how they usually are at this time of year,this photo is 2013:-

 and this is how they are typically this year:-

 and that plant is about the most floriferous it has been and possibly the best of all of them!

Some will have a couple of flowers and then nothing for days.

I have done nothing different from previous years but can anyone think why they are putting on such a poor show this year?


Last years pot was bigger


The ones in the same pot as last year are bad as well.

Normally I grow them in all sorts of pots and in the garden and they fill up the space beautifully but none are doing well this year 


Maybe the quality of your compost isn't as good this year even if you have bought the same type. Last year once the snow had gone we had a really long period of good weather. This year we have had more cooler periods


Same compost,same nursery for the plants in most cases.

All the plants when bought were strong and sturdy but just seem to have stayed the same as when purchased.

They were all planted out at the end of May as usual and we have had lovely warm weather here (Isle of Wight).

If it were only one or two plants were affected it would not be so bad but not all of them.


Mine is the same. Planted in good soil in full sun, was in full flower when I bought it and has been pathetic ever since.


pathetic that was the word i was looking for...!!!!

Madpenguin, did ??ou check plants' roots were not dry or rootbound?  Did you soak plamts before plantImg? Difficult to tell but are they the Voltage series?  They require more moisture than normal osteospermums.  

I would water well then start weekly dilute feeds of tomato food type.  


Hi Verdun

Have done all that.

Not the Voltage series,had them a couple of years ago and they all did extremely well in pots and the garden

As I say I have grown Osteos for several years and always had a good show.

The plants themselves seem to be healthy and strong,just not producing the flowers and growth seems non existent.

They look pretty much the same as when I bought them!

In that case, I'm sure they will flower....Jusf later that's all. Bet you on that 


Yes! Come the autumn I will probably have a fine show!!!

Mine is now flowering, loads of flowers too. What shall I do in winter? I'm guessing it's not frost proof, can I take cuttings?

Yes charlieBot take cuttings right now. ,they will root fast and be big enough to survive over  winter in a GH. By mid spring they will make full size garden plants with flowering to,follow 

are osteospermums good for wildlife



Funny though....I'm not aware of any bees, butterflies on osteospermums..  Not sure they are brilliant for wildlife but humans ....the most important of wildlife! 'em 

plenty of wildlife experts here though so I'm sure one of them will comment 


Got me Edd 

I grow so many here and they are all over Cornwall but never been aware of them attracting wildlife

hey! Wait a mo.  You've handpainted those butterflies so I win 

Nice one Edd

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