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I have a very hot dry border, that seems to suit South African plants, almost exclusively. I've managed to establish some roses in it, which I love. They are yellow, orange and red. I underplanted with osteospermum, which grows like a weed and flowers incessantly from spring to autumn. Unfortunately the osteospemum is purple, which really clashes with the roses. I wondered if anyone could think of a really vigorous variety of osteospermum (like tresco purple) that is white or a really clean yellow, so as not to clash with the roses? Any recommendations of sun loving ground cover perennials also appreciated. 



There are some hardy white osteospermum I grow ....eklonis?  Forget name.

For summer Gweek variegated is a stunning pure white ...glistening large white ....flower.

A hardy lovely hardy pink is Cannington Roy

None of the yellow varieties are hardy....yellow voltage is the best but won't survive north of Cornwall over winter

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