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Hello all

I'd like to increase my osteospermum plants and want to take cuttings.  When is best to take them?  And do I cut below a leaf node or pull off non-flowering shoots with a heel?  Finally, will I get better results by covering cuttings with a plastic bag - or not?  Many thanks for any help on this topic.   Nikki 7

Hello nikki

Osreospermums really are easy peasy.

Nothing complicated about doing it or timing.  Firstly, look at your main plant...often you see it rooting.  If so, dig it up and replant or pot up.  If you have plenty of shoots you could take some now...pull off side pieces about 3" or so long and pot,up.  If you can add perlite to your compost mix it will be better.  Anytime during the summer but side shoots are best and pulled off rather than cut. But they will root of cut too.  Put in warm sheltered position but no need for polytheme bag

Many thanks tattianna & verdun for the information.  I'm off out into the garden right now to take some osteospermum cuttings.  I have tried previously - but without success!  Hopefully this time it will work.  Thanks again  nikki7

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