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I have several osteospernums in pots and some are planted in the garden.  I just wanted to know if they are tender or not.  A couple are planted in the borders and seem to survive from year to year but the ones in pots havnt been so lucky.  I had a lovely white flower with variagated leaves that was in a large pot that I lost one winter.  Should I move all the pots under cover or are they hardy?  Apparently the temperature is going to drop down to freezing tonight.  I am in Cornwall.


I would not consider them hardy in most parts of the UK-best over-wintered under cover-and/or take cuttings around September time

You do get hardy varieties that survive through bad winters in the north. Depends which one you bought/grew. They are very easy to take cuttings from either way

Hiya christyrose. As a fellow Cornish dweller my experience of osteospermum is this. Treaco Purple and Cannington Roy, a good pink, are usually hardy in Cornwall. If in free draining soil, in sunshine, they thrive. However, the variegated white you spoke about....maybe Gweek Variegated? slightly more tender. I take cuttings of this but also dig it up and overwinter in the greenhouse. The others are left in the ground but take cuttings too. However, if your plants are in containers move them inside. Look at your plants in the ground....usually you will see rooted plantlets; sever these and pot up and overwinter. Finally, there are a whole bunch of tender "African daisies" that are tender.. lift these ASAP and keep in pots inside.

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