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The potty gardener

A while back I suggested we buit up our own A to Z of gardening.

Well this week lets start off with A

A is for Anterrinum-

a flower I remember from my childhood. I loved popping them

So what other A's can we get added before next Sunday when we will move on to B

Ok i wil have a go Bev:

I haven't grown those for a while now but always liked their exuberant colours, and very easy they were too..


Aster frikartii 'Monch' is one of my best plants, it's upright and does not need staking.   If anyone has bought one of these from a garden centre, and finds that it flops over, then it is likely to be it's sister seedling 'Wunder von Stafa' which is easier to propagate - apparently -. I've grown both and actually I really like this other one as I find it a better colour, [a bit lighter and finer] and enjoy the way it flops over paving if planted at the front...

anyway, this is the true 'Monch'..



May I suggest two, Bev. as they are both in my picture from my garden?  Anemones and aoniums.



Pennine Petal
Lovely snap dragons, my dad used to plant them in the front garden. I still use them and particularly like the dark reds.



I'll have a go at Aquilegia:

Aquilegia are an unfussy, hardy and long-lived perennial that thrives in most soils and aspects.  They come in a wide variety of flower shapes and colours and are easy to grow from seed, which can be sown as soon as it is collected or in the spring.  Growing your own can be rewarding, but be aware that they very readily cross-pollinate and don't come true from collected seed, but worthwhile new variants often arise so you can have a plant that is completely unique to you!

Excellent varieties are available commercially and some of my favourite large flowered varieties from seed are aquilegia caerulea (blue/white) and McKana Giant hybrids (mixed colours.)



Can I go for agastache, astrantia, astilbe and actea? Love all of em

Gorgeous 'A's  so far

Can I add aubergines please as I love growing them

 For flowers how about Asarina Jewel Mixed

 Pam LL x


Awww I am enjoying this. TY, Bev.  Can I suggest Annual meadow or is that cheating?  This one is at Holt Farm Organic Garden near B




Annual meadow sounds brill Marion, can I say anenomes ( Japanese) I love them.

Yes I'm a fan of aqualegias, and have some growing that have self sown year after year for the last 40 years. The original seeds given to me by my old Mum in law when we moved here in 1971. When they bloom every year I think of her. ( sadly no longer with us).

How about adding Alchemilla mollis to the list. I love their frothy flowers and the rain or dew on the leaves is magical!

I have a soft spot for sheets of deep purple aubretia pouring over garden walls. Never had much luck here though, even though I've got walls a plenty.



I love that organic meadow up there, if only we saw more of those... also those Asarina's, I used to grow them up an arch - pink ones but I like the blue very much..

here is a little Acer of mine, dissectum 'Demi-Sec'.  It's fairly dwarf so suitable for small areas..



Ther is the tree Amelanchier lanarkii

It is on my wish list, white flowers in late spring. summer, berries that birds love and amazing autumn colour


Astrantias - I have lts in the garden, well did, can't find any sign of them at moment