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It's just done it again - I give up ...

Verdun, could have been Tangerine Dream, just googled it. It's got the height. It was a nice one and seemed to be seeding about.

Sorry about the snake, I couldn't find a great crested newt.


Chicky, can't have mixed up worms
Nut, I have just ordered geum tangerine dream. Had no hypnotised me

I hope you'll like it Verdun


Orange and purple -good shout.  Live dangerously-blue and yellow's soooo last century 


Fairygirl yes blue n yellows for softies..........
Going for red, yellow, purple and pink all over the garden interpolated with bright variegated and spotty foliage.. Classy, dont you think?????
Only joking....
Fairygirl now...inky purple and white with plenty of green , some grasses and large foliage plants...that's classy...

like Cyd Charisse. 


Verdun, You can get orange Ranunculus and the Erisymum Apricot Twist is orange.

Fairygirl, you read my mind.
Thought about purple and white too and, of course, my grasses. Got inky blue salvia and considered white cosmos
It's that time of the year, isn't it, where we scheme for the perfect garden....colour combination and foliage contrast.?
Oh, you mean Sid James!

If we are still on G there is Gunnera. We saw lots along the streams in Cornwall in Trebah and the Lost Garden of Heligan. Magnificent, but probably too big for most of us!


I'd love to grow gunnera, it would look great by my pond but the water levels sink so much in a dry season it doesn't cope.


Nut C, I think the Geum like plant could be Trollius Golden Queen (not to be confused with Supermarketus Trollyus) It is 80cm tall.

Busy lizzie, my part of the know I have never been to Heligan. Friends have and I've always intended to. Must do it this year.

Hi artjak, the flower was very geum looking and I think the area would have been too dry for a trollius. Can't remember where the garden was or I'd go and beg a piece, didn't think it would be that hard to track down or I'd have asked then.


How about Gazania ? Does well in my sunny front border !
We on to H yet.
........I'll get my coat

H Verdun? OK 

a nice one, honesty, the white variegated one

 abnd a nasty, sorry. Honey fungus


artjak wrote (see)

Nut C, I think the Geum like plant could be Trollius Golden Queen (not to be confused with Supermarketus Trollyus) It is 80cm tall.

Also known as the Effingei Trolleyus.....

Oooh yes-Hellebores Bev 

Hebes and Hakonechloa