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I'm growing Laurentia as well, also not done it before, was googing it yesterday to see what to do

Lavatera - lovely tall plants now in purple - on list for next year.

Lupins - can't stand them but they are L


good morning .. warm sunny mornnig. in north manchester divided some thyme up . and made some treliss for the shed will finish after work (just for four  hours) cant wait 


 ps just found out on the wrong thread . dohhhhhhhhhhh must dash

Linum perenne blue sapphire.....lovely blue perennial

Lampranthus .....used fo be mesembryanthemum......nothing better in the sun

Matty, Matty, no like lupins?

I love em


I like lupins, never manage to grow them though, they rot or get eaten.

Also, lunaria, lily of the vally and lathyrus

Lathyrus aureus





I'm with Matty-no lupins ....! Greenfly magnets

Lilies of course though and lily of the valley and Lonicera.

And Ligularia  -slugs love it as much as me though

Lunaria- a lovely plant until the wind breaks through the seed heads! No lilies for me because of our cats


The white variegated lunaris is looking good right now catnip.

What do lilies do to cats?

I'm going to go for Azure Rush which is a new hardy geranium that I saw last summer and was very impressed with. If you know Geranium Rozanne, it is related to that so must be good. If anybody knows where I can get it I would love to hear.


Matty, why don't you like lupins? I think they look gorgeous here in this garden we visited in Devon last year.



Sir Tid, RHS Plantfinder generally finds any plant you're looking for.

Love those dark lupind B-L


I know, I've heard all the arguments for years, but there you go, Gardening is a matter of personal taste isn't it. 

Hi sir tid

Hayloft plants supply azure rush


I know were all out there grafting but I was enjoying all the alphabetical plants.

M is next

Mandrake is an interesting plant, these are it's unripe fruits, not to be eaten. 

And meadow buttercups





Nut - I thought Mandrake only existed in Harry Potter !  Do yours come to life and scream 

Love your meadow - so pretty.

Can I add Magnolias - all sorts, but specially stellata. 



I daren't pull the mandrake up chicky, who knows what might happen 


...what a weird plant, I've never heard of it.. or seen it...


I'm glad Nut has found this thread again. Afraid it slipped my mind while not getting email notifications.

Before I think of an M I would just like to ask if any of you has grown Linaria? I bought it in Paradise Park GC in Newhaven when we were in England in April. I thought it was a yellow wild flower, toadflax, with snapdragon flowers, but this one says it has purple flowers. It's growing taller than I thought it would.

Back to "M" - Monarda. I had a red one and I've just bought a purple one and a pink one. Like the smell of it's leaves.


Isn't linaria another name for honesty? Way brain's working tonight could be wrong

Well Marigold I guess, and something I've never been able to grow - Meconopsis - lovely


BusyLizzie - I have never grown Linaria, but have seen the version known as "fairy toadflax" grown in a Chelsea show garden a couple of years ago.  It was the Leeds County Council Garden - the one where they recreated a watermill/lock.  It had a large bank that they made into meadow, and the main flower in it was fairy toadflax (I know because I liked it so much I asked).  En masse they were breathtaking.  They were a range of pastel colours.  A bit of googling will probably unearth some pictures ....