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tradescantia are a love hate thing with me.  they are lovely then get battered, need supporting, snails love em.  however, a couple of discreet supports before they reach full growth solves the battered bit and a nightly trek with the torch solves the mollusc bit.  theres a yellow variety with magenta flowers....sounds ok but is nauseating.  sorry if anyone is growing it

hollie hock

Thyme and teasel.

Didn't realise you can have outside tradescantia, love this as an indoor plant, used to grow a lot of it


Thalictrum is lovely - I had  a purple one which worked like Verb Bonariensis. The buds were like tiny bunches of grapes. Lovely. I love the name too

Taxus- for structure it's hard to beat.

Yellow with magenta pet hate. Acid green foliage yes but not yellow.

Funny bunch aren't we!

Can I have Tea? It does come from a plant....

only if its Typhoo...ha ha ha......Ill get my coat


A mug please - milk no sugar - thanks



Verdun or Tetleys

Tarragon! Ooh the scent... of the blue salvias.  Beautiful blue and white flowers, loves moisture and flowers from late summer onwards to about 6'


I adore my white Tradescantia

Pam LL x


If Verdun can have uliginosa salvia. Can I have urbium x saxifraga


 There's also Urtica dioica but no pic to go with it


Umbrella; to use in the garden this summer

artjak wrote (see)

Umbrella; to use in the garden this summer


, but it might be dangerous in the howling gales.


umbellifiers - covers loads of flat flowers 

Naughty naughty dove.  Lol



Undergardener - every garden has one

Ubiquitous dandelion.................I'll get my coat


Chicky-  I don't have an under gardener ...just me... Tetley...not strong enough for me...

Ubiquitous dandelions...and buttercups....yes

Can I have Utter Hopelessness when I can't get rid of them?


Unrepentant about binning plants I don't like.