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..rather bigger than mine, but I'm only a poor modest !... lovely...

as is that banana.. !

Sam Glendinning wrote (see)

I always thought that Astrantias were meant to be slug proof Flo?

Oh, that's interesting, Sam. Maybe I'll try again in a different spot. If the slugs don't get them the chickens will

Haven't thought of any b's yet. Though I love bees - the buzzy pollinating kind


B for Bluebells.  Slugs thankfully ignore my Astrantia


If cheerypeabraincan have a bee,can I have a bat?



Oakley Witch

Oh oh oh BAT!!! I love these wee critters. Nut, thats a great pic 

Im sure I read about the astrantias here 

Basil is also one of my fav's


It's a pipistrelle sam. Taken from the bedroom window in the early hours when they come back to bed. So noisy they always wake us up. Counted 200 of them out of there the year before last but not so many last year. 


That's a lovely bat NC...


Oooh basil how could I forget?!

Oakley Witch

Oh wow! we used to go out for a run on the bikes and stop at a hotel for a tea to warm us up before heading home. It was fine up until about 9pm then we had to put our helmets back on as they were flying so low. I loved it. I am a massive bat fan...not surprisingly for a witchypoo lol

Oh, Bells of Ireland?


Bees, bats ....and beetles - love them all!

Oakley Witch

Nononono, I have a lilie beetle munching on my fritilas just now so Im not freinds with him but the rest...yes 


Brassicas; I love cavolo nero, to look at and to eat. Buddleja globosa with it's yellow pom-poms is fun.


I'm off to look for something beginning with C

Just noticed this thread      Letter A

I grow a lot of things starting with this letter - Apple trees, Alpine plants, Alliums, Anemones, Acanthus, Acres, Astilbe, Astrantia, Aquilegias, Agapanthus and finally Asters


Clerodendron trichotomum




Cornflower like them got a dozen plants ready to go into my garden at the weekend.

Moonlit Hare

I've just spotted this too love the idea of this calla liilies, beautiful!


..^that's nice [the Clerodendrum], never grown that one.  Before finishing B's just like to mention Brunnera 'Jack Frost' - don't have a photo but it's a lovely forget me not type plant for shade areas, if anyone is interested in that...

on to C's... where we have lots to choose from...

Clematis viticella 'Minuet'


Cistus 'Decumbens' - a low growing ground coverer




The potty gardener

Clematis and cornflower are the only c's I can think of at the moment. Both already been mentioned so I will have to think again


Nice Minuet salino. I've got one of those and it's never looked as good as that