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Do I need to protect my jasmine now its a tad colder in the mornings?


Depends what sort of jasmine it is. More information needed.

maybe I should take a photo of mine.. had it for years but yet to flower...

If its a hardy jasmine like mine it will lose all its leaves in winter and look very sad!  Mine has a lovely perfume in the summer evenings so worth the wait for new shoots and leaves and pretty white flowers. It does go a bit wild so needs to be cut back at the end of the summer.


mine is hardy but only grow to around 5/6ft... maybe I should cut it down slightly & then I will get a flower...


Jean, is your jasmine growing in full sun? It also likes  a sheltered, frost free position .


semi sun/shade...reasonably sheltered but how can you protect from frost as it gets everywhere.. ha haaa


do you feed yours..I dont..

I have fed mine, but not on a regular basis.  Once it gets going theres no stopping it!  Try cutting it back again then in the spring when the new shoots appear give it a feed. 


here is jasmine which must be about 5/6yrs old.. not big is it

Does that mean it has been in the open for the past 5 to 6 years?
If so a spring feed will probably help. Don't feed it now as it will produce tender shoots which will not survive frost. Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like a honeysuckle to me.

Jean, is that a label attached to your 'jasmine' ? If so, what does it say?Like Lottie I'm not convinced it is jasmine either.

I agree, the leaves are a wrong shape for jasmine.  My jasmine has pointed leaves or 'several sharply pointed leaflets' as my RHS good plant guide says!  It would be interesting to see what the label says as Daintiness suggests.

here is a picture of my jasmine , it has small white flowers when it blooms 



It doesn't look like a jasmine to me either!


There are several different sorts of jasmine, including winter jasmine which is different again, but I have never see one with leaves like yours, Jean. I am ready to be introduced to a new one but I still think your picture looks very much like a honeysuckle which is just as fragrant as jasmine, so why worry?

I think that Jeans is a honeysuckle I have one like it it has yello flowers when blooming got a pic of it somewhere 


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