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Lawnmower Chris

Don't think this 'beast' has been pruned for about 6-8 years. It's climbing an 8ft wall & was originally on horizontal wire supports. The width from the wall is about 2-3ft & without its leaves looks a mess. Buds appearing. Base of trunk about 5-6inches thick.

Any ideas about how I should tackle it? I'm prepared to cut the whole thing back & completly expose the wall. Would it re-shoot?


I'm no expert on pruning but from experience they can be pruned back pretty hard. I only know this as we had one that was really old (probably older and bigger than yours) but had to get access to repair some broken fence panels. The only way to repair them was to hack the Montana and a Honeysuckle right back really hard.

Within 2 years it looked like this...

(the fence panels are behind it and it's spread up over a small tree!!)...

Someone who knows about pruning will tell you more but this is my experience of it if it helps?





higgy's right Chris. You can hack them back as much as you want. You'll sacrifice flowers for a year but it won't harm the plant. You can then trim it after flowering - every year if you like -  to keep it where you want it. 

Wait until the Montana has flowered - too good to miss this year, then as soon as flowering has finished cut it all back to 18 inches. It will produce new shoots through the spring and summer and flower again next Spring as usual. Montana is, as you have found, is a very vigorous but beautiful plant.


I have one in my garden. Actually, it's my next door neighbours but it grows over my garage as you can see below. I prune it back by about 1-2ft after it has flowered late spring. It grows back through the summer and flowers profusely again the following spring. Sadly for my neighbour, tney don't get any flowers on their side of my garage, which obviously means that it's my pruning that makes the flowers. 

Basically, however far you cut it back, thats where the flowers will appear the following year, so chop away. You can see my neighbours house on the left which is where it is planted, but it flowers on my side of the garage....



Lawnmower Chris

Thank you higgy50, Fairygirl, bigolob & LeadFarmer for taking the trouble to reply.

Your collective advice on dealing with 'the beast' is much appreciated. I'll try & remember to re-post once I've pruned it.

Haven't used this site for a while & had forgotten how helpful & knowledgable the 'Gardeners World Family' could be. Thanks again folks.


What lovely pictures - reminded me just how gorgeous montanas can look.  I have a couple which were only planted last year, so hoping for a few blooms this spring, and a mass in future years 


Just come across another photo of my clematis, you can see how its growing nicely along the boundary between me and my neighbour. I don't prune it much in this area as I'm happy for it to keep growing along the boundary (click photo to make bigger)...




I bought a Montana last year to cover the side of an ugly concrete, pebble dash garage we have at the bottom of our garden.  After reading this and seeing these pictures I hope mine grows as impressive as these, they are beautiful.


Lovely pix as always LF. I'm very fond of the Montanas too - I had one beside the back door in a previous garden which I trained in one direction  along a boundary fence, and the other direction over the door to meet a Rouge Cardinal on the other side. When the Montana finished , the RC was flowering. They're very versatile, and romp away so well once they establish.  


Room for one on your new fence Fairy??

prob cut right back maybe thing grow like mad,think montana grows fast

Oooh, lovely garden!  Is that a hosta plant and what is the orange flowering plant?  It all looks so beautiful. 


CharleyD, yes its a Hosta, but not sure which type. The orange plant is an Azalea. No idea what variety though as it was here when we moved in. Theres also a red one to its left, and a short variety in front. They all flower very well each summer. Im on clay acidic soil so they grow well, along with the Rhododendrons...





And the acer LF 

Yes chick- there's room for several on the never ending new fence! 


Lawnmower Chris

Hi boys & girls. I've started pruning 'the beast'.

Here's a couple of pictures................I like pictures!!


 Will continue pruning in due course............

I had a lovely clematis montana pruned it right back a couple of years back never flowered since 

I seemed to have killed my clematis montana by pruning it 


That might not be down to the pruning Annabel. They're very tough plants and hard to kill. 

Has it grown and only produced foliage, or has it not grown at all? If they're hard pruned, it can take a while for them to rejuvenate and start flowering properly.  

Did you feed and water it well after pruning? What else is round it? 

Any further info you can offer will help with advice on how to get it flowering again 

How would you keep flowers on the lower half?  I planted two last year on a front garden fence but wasn't sure whether to replace with fire thorn.