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I still have 3 cannas to lift. Where is best to store them, I have an unheated GH, but would prefer to put them in a coldframe if pos (space) or should I do as in previous years and put them in the garage where its a bit warmer. thanks.

They won't be growing so don't need light. I would put them in the garage, with  peat or MPC around them and perhaps in a polystyrene box to keep out the frost.


Monty Don showed that on Friday night. Cut them down to about 8 inches, put in an old bucket, cover with old compost or leaf mould and put in a cool dry place, no light needed. Water very occasionally, just so they don't driy out completely. Although I must say, I just let my dry out and soaked them in Spring for an hour or two before planting, they came up big and strong.

Me too, Swiss sue.  I let cannas dry off if  I dig them up, usually leave some in the ground over winter.  My feelings that they are such large clumps.....well, mine are anyway.....that they have plenty of moisture in them. .....never water them, sorry to disagree with Monty.  Maybe his is a heated greenhouse though.


Mine are in big pots. I just let the pots stay in the greenhouse which has a froststat on  the heater.I let them get quite dry. I dont water until the weather warms up in the spring.


Lost mine last year, after 2 successful years. Not sure what went wrong.
So back in the garage then this year they will go.

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