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Hello everyone, I am hoping you can give me some advice.

I recently bought a Strawberry Tree to plant in the bottom of our garden as we have an area where we get no privacy from a new, onlooking housing estate and a private road at the bottom of garden which people use as a footpath. Whilst I realise it will take some time to grow it will be perfectly placed next to our new Blue Spruce christmas tree and with it being evergreen with autumn flowers and fruit I thought it would be perfect.

I have been doing some research and have read that existing tree's should be covered in their early years to prevent frost damage, I have also read about 'frost pockets' at the bottoms of sloping gardens  which has left me wondering what to do for the best.

I have an unheated greenhouse would it be better to pot my little tree up and fleece it in the greenhouse overwinter for this year and look at planting it out in spring or get it in the ground before the hard frosts and then fleece it?

Any advice would be a great help



Thanks Dovefromabove, its been a lovely day here if cold so my new little tree is now nestled in its fleece in the greenhouse, I think the coutdown now is 11 weeks to spring


It might be an idea to keep an eye on the temperatures in the area where you're planning to plant it - checking whether it does get more frosty than elsewhere - if it does turn out to be a frost pocket you'll be forewarned about providing additional protection in future winters.


Hi Dovefromabove

it seems I was right about the frost pocket, the frost is much harder down there and doesn't lift the whole day, I think that is because I have a large privet hedge at the bottom of the garden maybe trapping it in, anyway have to rethink the planting site for the strawberry tree but thanks for the advice at least I've saved it for this year

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