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Bought a cell-tray of 6 nice healthy looking dianthus plants yesterday for 50p. I am unsure what to do with them. Should I keep in cell-tray in cold frame. Should I plant them out - we had frost Sat night which froze the birdbath solid. Should I move into plastic flowerpots bigger than cells and keep them where?  It would be pleasing if I could have at least 2 left in the spring!  I do not have a greenhouse. All advice welcome, many thanks, Maggie



I'd pot them on and put them in the cold frame. 

that's what I thought, but I just wondered what others suggest. Pleased you agree with me, nutcutlet

Alina W

I'd do the same as nutcutlet.

Thanks to you both. Thats what I will do.  Maggie

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