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Seeded from my red delavayi, must have crossed with something yellow. Flowers not very big, bush not too shapely.

What do you think?

plant pauper

I'm sensing you're not a fan nut... I like it but you're the one looking at it.


Not too keen pp but hard to dump your own babies, (probably a teenager by now). I think about it every year but it's avoided the shredder so far.

plant pauper

Keep it this year and then think about it again next year. I think it's lovely and I could look at it all day long but then that's the sort of colours I like. 


I would keep any peony because I don't have any established (yet) and they absolutely red delavayi a tree peony? Did this one just form itself? You must have lots of tree peonies. I'm so jealous...sigh..



Hi wakeshine, yes, delavayi is a tree paeony. I also have a yellow one, when this one was born I had 2 different yellow ones but I let one get swamped by a huge viburnum and lost it.

I took the seed from the red one but this is different.

I'm going to find some pics


Can't say I'm enamoured by it but if it's happy in a spot that isn't valuable and doesn't clash with its neighbours then I'd let it stay (can't bear to lose anything).


getting ruthless in my old age Tetley.


the red one, bought as delavayi from a roadside stall

The yellow one, given to me as a seed, I like this one

and, first flowering this year from 'Mudan hybrid' seed about 4 years ago

now lusting after a pink one

plant pauper

I'm as odd as sin obviously. Love the white one, the other two are ok but I like the wee odd one best.

That white one is stunning though.....

Keep the first one this year and when it goes to seed I'll have some so you can toss it with impunity because it'll still be somewhere. 


remind me at seed time pp and you can have any of them (provided they all make seed)

The yellow is my favourite, the flowers are large and in a good year the seedpods are huge. I have better photos but I can't find them. They're not in the file called 'plant pics'


All are absolutely long does it take for a tree peony to grow from a seed? Can anyone do this? Do you sell them then? Sorry for being nosy but peonies are my favourite flower and I find them fascinating and intriguing...I am trying to grow some herbaceous ones at the moment but it will probably take years. I planted about 5 cheap bare roots which are just poking out with only one eye, and two divisions given to me by friends (variety unknown). You seem like a pro - if you have new varieties don't you need to tell someone or get it registered?

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I don't sell them wakeshine but I put a few paeony seeds on the seed swap most years.

I have a minute red one, only about 6'' tall, a couiple of years or 3 old and it's got two flowers, they're not usually as quick as that. 4 years minimum I think but no real records 

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