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Hi everyone - the last two questions I posted both got brilliant answers which have sorted my problems (thank you), so I was hoping to make it a hat trick! I would like to underplant a dicentra spectabilis 'alba' with crocosmia, in the hope that as the bleeding heart dies back the crocosmia will take over. I am looking for a genuinely pale yellow crocosmia, rather than a bright gold or orange (more like the colour of corydalis lutea, or wild primrose). Does anyone have any recommendations? It's hard to tell from photos online; Google seems to suggest 'Lemon Spray' or  'Citronella', but Lemon Spray seems to be quite tall - I'm hoping for something in the 50-60cm range. It will also need to be able to cope with partial shade. Any ideas very much appreciated!

Thank you!

Have a look at c. Solfaterre.

That was quick! Thank you. I looked at Solfaterre but it looks more of an orangey-yellow?

Mine is more of a lemon yellow. Not as tall as other crocosmias, and foliage has a bronzy tint.

sounds like that might be just right - thank you.

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