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I've dug up and potted an established clump of this grass and I'm wondering if I should protect it over winter. I've done a web search re hardiness and just about everything is in German. My German is more or less nil.

Can someone help me out here please either from personal experience or doing the search on my behalf.


Thanks Georg. I didn't know that


pretty dim of me really when it says at the top of the screen 'This page is in German, do you want to translate it.'


Grasses really are best split and repotted in early Spring. The roots are now going dormant so the plant will sit and do nothing over winter. If ket too wet then it will rot.



Thanks Berghill. I've put it inside. I disturbed the roots as little as possible and put it in a big pot. It had a good watering in yesterday and I put it inside this morning. It had to come out of the soil to make way for new drains otherwise I would have left it alone.

I've hacked around at some asters and chrysanths, I ran out of pots that were big enough for large clumps. I've put some of each in the greenhouse (cold) and left some outside (space issues). 

I grow this grass. Perfectly hardy. Easy to grow. Autumn though is not best time to dig up or split any grasses ....but. I do it anyway. It's mild where I am but have grasses in pots outside in the winter. It's not good to water in grasses when split or moved at this time of year either. The only grass I protect is stipa gigantea and this is only to keep it dry over winter. I suspend a sheet of glass over it. You could do this for your panicum if concerned about it. You need to make sure that you have a good rootball..keep intact...when moving at this time.

I usually do what I want, when I want, but last winter bit me rather hard. I'm being more careful this year. Hence the questions. 

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